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Bridal Manicure 101: Get your Claws looking Flawless

Makeup, hair, skin and the tan will usually be your priority when you start the pampering process for your wedding day, so it’s easy to forget about your nails and drop them to the bottom of your to-do list.

Don’t forget though girls, your nails will be complimenting your gorgeous engagement ring and nobody wants chipped nails and red cuticles to be commemorated in their wedding album! If you’re really wanting to be pampered and perfect from head to toe, a quality mani and pedi will be the final touch of your bridal beauty regime.

Keep reading to find out the industries top tips and tricks for keeping your claws looking perfect for the big day.


TIP 1: Lay those foundations
Just as you’ll be prepping your skin with facials and treatments and your body with several PT sessions, months in advance (it will be worth it in the end girls) you should also be prepping your nails at least 1 to 2 months before if you’re a biter. Cracked, weak or ridged nails will completely affect the look of your mani if you’re going with a thinner formula such as a polish. If you’re looking to just keep your nails looking tidy and strong, do at least a couple of mani appointments before the wedding day.

It’s also a great idea to invest in a strengthening conditioner that you can wear on its own in between visits such as Sally Hansen’s hard as nails.

TIP 2: Timing is Everything
Gel manicures have truly been revolutionary. They last longer than the standard polish, give more volume, shine and vibrancy. However, brides beware! their luscious looks generally fade after a few days of wear and they can look quite ragged towards the two-week mark. For this reason, make sure you get your manicure 1 or 2 days prior to your big day. This means that your nails will also last you well into your honeymoon!

TIP 3: Get Creative
Long gone are the days of the French tipped manicure. Once an elegant staple for every bride, the rise of nail art in 2016 has completely transformed the nail game. Instead of the standard white tip, opt for a glitter or coloured shade. This subtle dash of glamour and fun will inject some fun and life into your classic look!

TIP 4: Stay Hydrated
Keep a small tube of hand cream with you throughout the day. This is the easiest trick to get your hands looking ten years younger in seconds! After all, no one wants chapped paws for close ups with their bouquets.

TIP 5: Gel over Acrylics any Day
Just because your nails will need to be perfect for one day only, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t care about how they’ll be looking afterwards. This is why you’ll want to choose a polish or gel manicure over acrylics. Though consistent applications and removals of gel or shellac can be damaging to your nails, one application won’t do much. Acrylic on the other hand can severely damage your nail bed to the point where they turn into a breeding ground for bacteria (yuck!) Gel nails are also known for looking much more natural and will compliment your gorgeous gown.

TIP 6: Do your Research and Prepare
When you’re running low on time, couldn’t book in with your regular manicurist and instead choose to stop over at that dingy looking nail place near your house – that’s fine for your Friday night drinks with the girls, but brides, not for your wedding day! Make sure you do your research and go to a reliable salon with good ratings. Even if you’re paying a little extra, now is probably the only time where you should be. Also do your research with colours and shades and do a couple of trial runs to make sure your polish is suitable for your skin tone/ with your golden spray tan.


So girls, listen to our tips and tricks and feel perfect from head (or hands) to toe for your special day! Have fun with them, but make sure you do your research and they’ll be shining just a beautifully as your gorgeous engagement ring. 

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