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Engagement Parties: Everything You Need to Know!

We’re spilling all the details to help you plan an engagement party!

Once the thrill of getting engaged begins to waiver and you can steer your eyes away from your sparkly new engagement ring for a moment, it’s time to decide whether you will be holding an engagement party.

Engagement parties are not an essential part of the pre wedding festivities however they provide a fantastic means for your families to begin mingling with one another. Besides we think getting engaged is a good enough reason to let your hair down and host a fun filled get-together!

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When to Hold Your Engagement Party

Generally speaking your engagement party should be held no later than 3 months after the engagement or at least 12 months prior to the wedding. You don’t want your engagement party or wedding too close together unless you actually want to surprise your guests and turn your engagement party into a surprise wedding!

Engagement Party Invitations

We’re a stickler for tradition and think no matter what the style of party you are throwing formal engagement party invitations are a must. Guests love to receive invites in the mail and we believe there is no better way to introduce your celebration then with some unique engagement party invites. The beauty of the paper invite is that it can be transformed to suit any style of celebration and can be tailored to perfectly encapsulate your personalities. Plus not everyone is on social media nor will appreciate an email invitation.

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Engagement Party Ideas

Like any gathering there are tons of approaches you can take to celebrating your engagement party. The most obvious is to host a cocktail style party featuring roving canapés or food stations for guests to indulge a little while they mingle. The formality of your cocktail party can be tailored to suit your personal couple style. If extravagant gowns, classic music and delectable appetizers are not your thing opt for comfortable lounges, scrumptious food and music that will certainly get your guests up and dancing.

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If you’re keen for something a bit more intimate you can hold a dinner or luncheon with those nearest and dearest to you. Similar to hosting a cocktail party the formality of the dinner is completely up to you. A relaxed lunch or a more formal sit down dinner – either are perfect ways to celebrate your new status. The guest list also can be as small or large as you like however keep in mind that according to wedding etiquette anyone invited to the engagement celebrations should also be invited to the wedding – unless of course you plan on eloping then invite away! One of the benefits of hosting an engagement party is that it can make it easier to organise your guest list for the wedding as you will already have a draft list ready to go.

casual dinner for engagement party

Engagement Party Ideas on a Budget

Your engagement party can be held at a restaurant, reception venue, at your home or the house of those hosting the bash or even a local park! Perhaps a casual picnic luncheon is the ideal setting for your engagement celebrations. Whatever the case your engagement party should be a true representation of you and your fiancés personal style.

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The décor needn’t be extravagant either DIY decorations will add a personalised touch while simple candle arrangements or a dessert table may be all you need for you engagement party decorations.

Who Hosts the Engagement Party?

Traditionally an engagement party would be hosted by the parents of the bride however as couples are typically getting engaged later in life and once they are financially stable they are instead preferring to host the party themselves. This is so that rather than having their parents bear the financial burden, couples are instead covering all the costs themselves.

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Engagement Party Etiquette

It is proper etiquette for the bride’s father to deliver a speech toasting the engaged couple. The groom then follows suit with his own speech thanking his fiancé, both sets of parents and guests for attending. With modern engagements however there are no rules. The couple together might choose to deliver a speech as too might whoever is hosting the celebration. The groom’s parents might also like to chime in with their own words. Or speeches may be skipped altogether. The formality of the celebration will dictate the agenda for speeches as will the attitudes of either parent’s. For example the bride’s father may be particular keen to say a few words at the engagement party or he might prefer to give it a miss and save the speeches for the wedding day.

Just like a wedding, engagement parties should be a celebration of you and your fiance reflecting your personal couple style whatever that may be!

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