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Engagement photo shoot


Deciding whether to have an engagement photo shoot can be difficult – you might think it’s trite and pointless, or you might just think that it’s one more expense that can be cut. Whatever the case may be there are however some significant reasons why having an engagement photo shoot is important.

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Why have pre-wedding pictures taken?

For brides, pre-wedding photos can be used as a test run to see how your makeup will photograph on your special day. By booking a trial with your makeup artist the morning of your engagement photo shoot, you will be able to test whether you need to make any adjustments to your bridal look. For example, you might find that the foundation you have used washes your face out in photos. This is something you otherwise wouldn’t know until you got your wedding images back and has the potential to ruin those photos for you.

Engagement photo shoots are far more relaxed than wedding pictures, and as a result provides you and your fiancé with an opportunity to connect and get comfortable in front of the camera. It is wise to select a photographer that you are interested in having also capture your wedding day for your engagement photo shoot. This way you can use the engagement photo shoot as a chance to build a rapport with your photographer. Developing a level of trust with your photographer and understanding how they work will allow you to feel more comfortable and confident on your wedding day ensuring you are left with picture perfect photos.

How to gather wedding photo ideas:

Spending a photography session with the photographer who will be shooting your big day also allows you to open the lines for communication. Providing you with an opportunity to let your photographer know and understand what you do and don’t like when in front of the camera. This can include what shots and angles you do not care for. Your photographer will be able to pick up on your personalities and better understand how your relationship functions. This as a result will allow your photographer to better capture natural shots of you and your fiancé. Your photographers style and your tastes will become evident over the course of a photograph session ensuring both you and your photographer are on the same page come your wedding day. So basically taking engagement photos helps to set the stage for successful wedding pictures and discuss possible wedding photo ideas.

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What location should you choose for your engagement photo shoot?

The location of your engagement photography is important and can be anywhere. From a location that has special meaning such as where you had your first date, your favourite restaurant, where the proposal took place or it could even be the comfort of your own home. Taking engagement photos can also be used as an opportunity to scout locations for your wedding. Or if your wish to have a varied selection of photos featuring scenic backdrops that are impossible to reach on your big day such as beach photos when you’re getting married on a farm. You can use your engagement photo shoot as an opportunity to get those vastly different backdrops including picturesque locations such as a park, vineyard or in the heart of the city. This allows you to come up with a range of engagement and wedding photo ideas that you will be endeavouring to capture on your big day

What to do with your engagement and wedding pictures?

If you’re left thinking well all of these are good points but what are we actually going to do with the photos? Simple, use them as part of your wedding invitation or save the date cards if you’ll be sending them out. You might even like to have one of the images printed as part of your order of service cards. Alternatively you can use the photos as part of your wedding reception décor, perhaps on the tables or used to create a truly personalised seating chart. The photos can be used as gifts we’re sure your future in laws and parents will love a copy. Whether any of these ideas interest you or not you are guaranteed to enjoy looking back on these wedding images that capture this short period of time in yours and your fiancé’s lives.


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