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How to pick your perfect wedding photographer – tips, prices and downloadable checklists

Wedding photos are a beautiful reminder of your special day! Picking and managing your wedding photographer is an important part of documenting those memories. Here’s our advice on how to find your perfect wedding photographer.

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Picking your photographer:

Be picky! This person is going to be capturing a very intimate and emotional experience – you want to make sure that you fit well together. Meet with each of your potential photographers to make sure that you match each other well. If there is a large studio, ask to meet specifically with the person who will be doing your photographs. Decide if their personality, work style, and photographs mesh with your vision.

Pro tip: Ask to see your photographer’s album from just one wedding or event, rather than an album of their best pictures from multiple events.

There are a number of questions to ask your photographer. Use our list of questions to keep yourself organized as you chat with your potential photographer.

Pro tip: Ask the photographer if they have previously worked in your wedding location. They may already know the perfect places for particular shots or other helpful advice.

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Wedding photography tips:

Let your photographer know what shots you want before your wedding day. Use our wedding photography checklist to determine which pictures you definitely want. Share this with your photographer as soon as possible!

Make a plan for the day of the event as well. This helps the photographer (and you) know the schedule of the day, about how long everything will take, and where to be when. Take a look at our sample wedding day run sheet for an example of how to create a day-of schedule.

Once you’ve selected a photographer and determined the details, write them down! Our photography details page will help you to keep track of all of your photography information in one place. Attach this document to your photography contract and keep on hand leading into and at the event.

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Determining your wedding photography prices and packages:

Look very carefully at the photographer’s packages and what they include. There are a number of different options you’ll see in potential packages.

  • Consider how much coverage the photographer will give you. Does it include unlimited coverage? Does the photographer charge by the hour? Will they travel with you to different locations?
  • What kind of production value do they give to the final photographs? How do they print them and what materials do they use?
  • Will you get proofs ahead of time? How does that process work? Is it included in the package?
  • What will the final album look like? Do they print digital pictures? Will they add special effects and editing? Do they print a physical album or is everything digital?Pro tip: Get everything in writing. Include every detail you can in the written contract including exactly what is included in your package, when your photographer will be available and for how long, when the images will be ready, prices etc. This helps prevent misunderstandings.Young Married Couple Holding Hands

Final words:

Your wedding photographs will tell the story of your wedding day. Take the time to complete our wedding photography checklist to find a wedding photographer who matches your style, budget, and expectations

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