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‘Save the date’ Etiquette – We answer the frequently asked questions…

So, you have set the date for your big day, but how do you ensure your guests will reserve that special day? A ‘save the date’ card allows them to mark their calendar ahead of time. Let the exciting countdown begin!

What to include on the ‘save the date’ card?

There is a wide variety of information that you can include on your ‘save the date’ card, but let’s start with the essential details:

1. The date of the wedding celebration
As the name suggests, the ‘save the date’ card must tell your family and friends the special date to reserve!

2. The location
Whether you are planning a destination wedding or a local wedding, it is important to let your guests know the location ahead of time so they can start making their travel plans. This is especially important if they need to book a hotel or travel from another city or country.

3. The name of the couple
Let your friends and family know who is inviting them to save the date! This could also be the first time some of the guests have heard the name of the other party!

Aside from these three main points, you can also include additional information, such as:

1. Make it clear that this is a ‘save the date’ card
It is wise to include a ‘save the date’ title, and add an extra line to let them know that a formal invitation is to follow.

2. Include the wedding website
Some couples choose to create a website for their wedding to allow guests to post pictures and comments, provide more information and of course display the engagement pictures! If you have a website, it may be a good idea to share it in the ‘save the date’ card so your guests can check it out and find out additional information that they may not find on the ‘save the date’ card or invitation.

3. Reflect the wedding’s design scheme
Wedding stationery is a memorable part of the wedding. Use this opportunity to incorporate chosen fonts, images, colour scheme, design and textures to reflect the style, theme or even location of your wedding to your guests!


When to send ‘save the date’?

The earlier you tell the guests, the more likely they can mark it on their calendar before something else comes up. So, when should ‘save the date’ cards be sent? This depends entirely on whether you are planning a destination or local wedding, and whether you are inviting a lot of people from overseas.

The basic rule of thumb is that ‘save the date’ cards should be sent to guests at least 6 months before the wedding. This ‘save the date’ etiquette allows guests to have enough notice to plan their schedules for your wedding!

It is customary to mail your ‘save the date’ for destination weddings at least 8 to 12 months in advanced. This also applies for invitations to overseas friends and families to your local wedding, as it allows extra time to plan flights and any leave accordingly.

Ideally send out your ‘save the date’ card as soon as possible, to ensure smooth planning for guests and of course, generate excitement!

When to send formal invitations?

Traditionally, formal wedding invitations are sent out 6 to 8 weeks before the event. This allows enough time for your family and friends to receive all the additional information and to RSVP in time.

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