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The Only Timeline You’ll Need to Plan the Big Day

He finally asked “will you?” and you finally said, “yes!”

You’re both excited about the next chapter of your lives and rightfully so! The idea of marriage is an exciting moment for all brides — until you realize the sheer amount of work you have to undertake whilst planning for the special day.

Luckily, our team at Adorn Invitations knows exactly what it’s like to be in those white satin stilettos which is why we’ve put together the ultimate wedding planning timeline from the engagement, all the way to the walk down the aisle. We’re also giving you a few simple tips to keep your sanity in check! You’re welcome ladies.


Make your money work for you!

First things first, decide what you are willing to spend. Start with an overall figure and then break it down using our timeline, by stage and then by vendor or service. This will help you to split the seemingly endless list of tasks into manageable pieces early on (making your planning process so much easier) your also more likely to stick to a well thought out budget, thus not having to dip further into your savings account later on.

As a general rule – follow this formula when allocating budgets:
48% – 50% of the total budget goes to the reception
8% – 10% on flowers
8% – 10% on attire
8% – 10% on entertainment/music
10% – 12% on photo/video
2% – 3% for invites / 2% to 3% percent for gifts
8% on miscellaneous items like a wedding coordinator
Keep an extra 5-10% of your budget tucked away for any extra expenses like reprinting additional invites or dress alterations.

Be Organized

Ladies the next twelve months will be crazy, to stay in control you need to be as organized as possible! Infographics like above are the perfect way to keep your overall plans on track. Our advice, start a binder or for the more tech savvy bride choose from one of the many online digital equivalents.
Keeping absolutely everything wedding related, neatly displayed and easily accessible. This is a must, there is nothing worse than showing up at a vendor sit down and not having what you need. Your time is valuable, don’t waste it.

Don’t get ahead of yourself

You might think you are able to take on everything – from choosing the flowers, creating your guest list, booking the caterer, choosing the music you’re playing and even the venue – all at the same time. Keep in mind it takes a lot of research and time to know which one will work for you or not. Making a decision about every single element and vendor is not a walk in the park.

While this might work for those brides who have a lot of time on their hands – it might not be the same for our brides who work full time and barely have the time to pick up their phone and dial the baker.

Know what you’re capable of doing and what you’re not. Be realistic about what can do and stick to your timeline.

Learn to delegate

After figuring out which things you need help with, don’t hesitate to ask family for help or even professional help. Some people think it’s a bad idea to ask help from family or loved ones when it comes to wedding plans. It may be true to some degree but let’s face it – there is no way planning a wedding can be a one-man show. Have people join in and help you out. You don’t have to put everything on your shoulders.

This day is all about you – don’t forget to have fun!

Most brides are surprised that everything seems to be a big blur on their wedding day, and it is over even before they know it! The only time they remember everything is by looking at their wedding pictures. The silver wares you cried over arguing about with your fiancé – doesn’t even matter anymore. At the end of the day, the most important thing is for you to be in the moment and enjoy it. It is your wedding day, a once in a lifetime event. Forget about the little things, and just have fun!

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