Your Mid – 2016 Stationary Trend Forecast

It’s almost half way through the year already, and for those brides who are still looking for the perfect invitation that is stylish and on trend in 2016 – this guide will be your best friend. We’ve covered the most beautiful and best styles that are making it big in 2016 and have crafted our most striking range yet with these gorgeous features in mind.

Just as we see trends come and go for wedding gowns (thank god the 80’s is over) the same can definitely be said for invitations! There is a real distinct style of invitations that are currently about in 2016. We’re seeing a lot of minimalism combined with stunning features and highlights. Think gold foiling, letter pressing, thermography printing, water colors, monograms and the colour of the year – navy. Combine all of these details and you have the perfect invite for 2016 that will impress even your pickiest guest (we’re looking at you, aunt Helen.)

Gold Foiling
If you’re up to date with your trends in décor – you’ll know that gold and rose gold foiling is absolutely huge. Whether on lamps, frames or even bowls and cutlery – gold foiling has taken the year by storm. So much so that the detailing has even trickled down to your wedding invitations.

The process of gold foiling essentially involves using heat to stick a gold foiling sticker onto a carding or paper. It can be used sparingly (in some aspects of the font) or your whole invitation can feature a gold foiling pattern. Pair it with a marble backing card for a really classy feel.


Letter Pressing or embossing is a printing technique that dates back to the 1400’s but it is making a huge comeback in 2016! Using a thick card – in technical terms a heavy GSM card – the wording or design that you want is essentially embedded into the card via a heavy metal template. The result is a really stunning and minimalist design. Pair it with a pop of color to add some fun!


Thick Paper Stock
In layman’s terms, GSM essentially refers to the thickness of the card in which your invitation is printed on. Because 2016 is seeing a trend in minimalist designs, it’s important that your other features are really stunning and of a high quality which is why a lot of these elements look best when printed on a superior, thick card stock. These thick cards also allow for gold foiled trimming and framing (which are completely STUNNING by the way.)

Thermography Printing
The printing technique of thermography also dates back to the early 1900’s but is a beautiful way to add a touch of tradition and glamour to your invitations. When font has been printed using a thermography style, the words will be raised on the paper and have a shiny, slick finish to them. It’s an easy way to add a touch of class and old school tradition to an otherwise minimalistic and modern invitation.

Water colors
Water colors are a gorgeous, up to date and creative, colorful element to include in your invitations. You can have them as bright or as neutral as you want to adapt it to your unique theme.  Go for vivid neon’s and pinks for a wild effect or softer whites and creams to really add that romantic feeling.


Monogram Invitations
Monogram Invitations are absolutely huge right now. A monogram style essentially means that there will be a single detail or image that the invitation focuses on. This invitation design really puts the focus on this singular pattern however it can also rely on font text, processes like foiling and letter pressing for style – really just a perfect combination of our beloved 2016 trends!


Elegant, classy and completely stylish! Think navy that is as dark as midnight. This gorgeous colour option will give any wedding a classic and super chic aesthetic, whilst still staying offbeat and a little quirky. Pair it up with gold foiling for a super glam contrast and impress your guests with this bold colour choice!


So use this guide and have fun with your wedding invitations. They’re a perfect way to showcase your unique wedding theme and personal style and if you just so happen to have fallen in love with any of the trendy designs featured above, don’t worry as they’ll be released shortly. We’ve got your back girl.

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