Customise Your Invites

Our intuitive ordering process has been set up to enable you to customise the details of your invitation to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

Continue reading to find out what elements of your invitation you can customise.


While they might seem minor, your fonts can truly make your invitation stand out.

As part of our service enjoy being able to select your own style and combinations of fonts. Altering the colour of your font to suit your theme is also an option with Adorn.

Personalising your wording

Personalise your invitation wording, by selecting from our range or wording templates suitable for any wedding occasion or event type. You might like to use our templates purely for inspiration or simply choose to alter the text to match your wedding. When inputting your own wording, note that character limits may apply based on the lay out of your chosen invitation. One of our dedicated designers will pick up any issues in the digital proofing stage and will be able to advise you on possible solutions.

Matching your Colours

We are able to change the colour of the inner paper and backing card paper on some of our invites to suit your weddings colour scheme.

To see if this is possible on your chosen invite please contact one of our helpful customer service team members.

Adding Foreign Language

We are able to include foreign language within the wording of your invitation. To make this happen you will need to provide our designers with a PDF of your chosen wording. Please note that the inclusion of a foreign language involves a once off additional payment. To explore this option further we recommend contacting one of our designers.

Multiple Wording Options

If you are considering having two versions of your invitation with alternate texts this is no problem at all! A once off additional payment will be required however to cover the costs of creating split artworks for your invitations.

Guest Names Printing

Guest name printing is available with Adorn Invitations, and it will save you both time and improve the presentation of your invitations. The process for printing guest names is straight forward; once you approve the initial invitation layout, and provide us with your guest list in our specified format (you can download an Excel Spreadsheet template during your order process) our designers will mail- merge your guest names, and provide you with a final proof.

Addressing Your Envelopes

To make organising your invitations easier, we offer you the opportunity to have your guest lists printed directly onto your envelopes. Simply upload the guest list including names and addresses according to our specifications. For your convenience download our provided template to ensure your invitations look ultra-professional when you send them out.

Ribbons and crystals

Unfortunately we are unable to change the colour or placement of the ribbons and Swarovski style crystals featured on our invitations.

Gold or Silver Wording

If there is gold or silver wording present on your chosen invite it is most likely a foil stamp which we are unfortunately unable to alter in anyway as this is a premade element of the design. We boast a range of personalised gold foiled invitation, in which case the gold foiled areas can be personalised. Contact Adorn Invitations consultant for more information.