Adorn’s Print and Finishing Capabilities

Here at Adorn we boast a range of intricate design techniques and lavish finishes that will ensure your invite stands out.

Foil Stamping

Featured on some of our invites, foil stamping involves the application of heat and pressure to a metallic foil in order to make it adhere to the surface of the paper. To do this we use a selection of foiling processes in gold and silver in either a matte or gloss finish. This ensures your invite has the ultimate finish and when combined with embossing, foil stamping creates a striking effect on your invitations.

Silk Screening

In order to create the silk screening effect on our invites, we use a woven silk mesh which sits beneath an ink blocking stencil. The stencil is then used to ensure that only the exposed areas of mesh are stained with the ink thus creating an intricate pattern. The pattern is pressed onto the paper through the threads of the woven mesh with the use of a roller. Once applied silk screening provides one of a kind detailing to our luxurious invites.


Adorn utilises the latest in embossing techniques to allow for the creation of very tight patterns and shapes. Embossing provides our invitation designs with luxurious textures that will create an impression of sheer elegance and classic appeal when touched. A variety of embossing techniques have been applied to a range of our invitations including blind embossing and emboss/de-boss effect.

Swarovski Style Crystals

Add some flair to your wedding invites with Swarovski style crystal embellishments. Breathtakingly beautiful Swarovski style crystals are the perfect finish for invitations introducing formal, black tie weddings. When used sparingly Swarovski style crystals can add a delicate yet glamorous appeal to any invite ultimately taking the design to another level.

Pearl Accessory

One of the most popular methods for decorating your wedding invitations, pearl accessories adds the perfect touch of truly understated elegance. A feature of one of our exclusive collections pearl embellishments are ideal for traditional and classically styled weddings. When paired with brilliant embossing the subtle beauty of a pearl embellishment is made more apparent.

Ribbon or Bow Decoration

Ribbon and bow decorations are another favourite means for decorating your wedding invitations amongst couples. Adding substance to your invite, ribbons can be applied to a range of invitation styles in a range of colours. From modern invites in bright and bold colours to traditional invites in subtle and classic shades, ribbons are the perfect embellishment for your wedding invitations.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting provides more precise patterns with smaller shapes in order to create the ultimate wow factor on your invitation. The tighter shapes are as a result of the technological advancements associated with laser cutting which could not be achieved with traditional forms of die cutting which relied on creating a metal die. Laser cutting can be featured on a range of invitation styles and designs to suit most wedding themes.


The process used for thermography printing involves the application of heat directly onto the paper to achieve a raised ink finish for your lettering. The finished results look perfect, with timeless appeal guaranteed to impress your guests. Similar to the letterpress style, thermography printing is a superior printing process that will provide your invitation with an air of sophistication.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is a process which enables us to use customised printing methods, whereby we can add any personalised images you might wish to include on your invitations. We also use premium digital printing equipment to ensure the colours present on your wedding invitations are especially vibrant and precise.

Letterpress Printing

Using state of the art printing machinery, you’ll completely adore the design and texture created via the use of letterpress printing. We craft each invitation using the relief printing method where each invitation is produced by repeated direct imprint of ink giving a raised surface impression.