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Adorn Invitation’s causes a stir on Arena’s Real Housewives of Melbourne

If you’re just as addicted to Arena’s hit TV show Real Housewives of Melbourne as we are – you might have seen our invitations featured in last week’s episode!

Following on from Vanessa William’s celebrity invitations, Gamble Breaux – glamorous real housewife and star of the show – came to Adorn for her custom created invitations.

The other housewives gather around as Gamble hands out her wedding invitations

Her stunning, unique design wasn’t the only thing causing a stir on the show though. When Gamble invited the other ladies over to give them her invitations, she made the decision to extend the invite (or perhaps olive branch) to frenemy Pettyfleur Berenger. Pettyfleur however rejected the invite causing the invitation to be thrown out of Gamble’s hands where it landed (not so gracefully) in the Mt Martha home’s well pruned garden.
This of course, caused quite a few problems between the ladies. Take a look at our short clip below to watch the drama!

Gamble and her wedding planner/stunning bridal designer – Alin Le’ Kal, came to Adorn’s design team to create an invitation that fit in beautifully with her natural and beachy themed Byron Bay wedding.

Still of Gmble Breaux

Once a theme was fleshed out, our designers worked to hand draw several prototypes. Once a cohesive decision was reached (which proved to be difficult considering all of the amazing designs!) it was finally put into production.

We settled on a white on white colour base that was paired with a highly intricate laser cut detail to add some texture. The pocket frame was a forest theme with a pop up of two birds sitting over the invitation backing. Gamble absolutely fell in love with this element as her and partner Rick, are “just like two love birds!”

Floral Wedding Invitation
We kept colours really bright and neutral with a floral theme on the back to fit in with Gamble’s natural and forest wedding theme.

Gamble's custom invitations

The outcome was a stunning design that was perfectly fit for a gorgeous housewife like Gamble and although Pettyfleur wasn’t so in love with the invitation – Gamble could not have been happier!

To get your hands on this custom created design – head to https://www.adorninvitations.co.uk/product/enchanting-forest-3d-pocket

We promise they’ll cause less drama with your fellow housewives!


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