Wedding invitation with lasercut and twine

Choosing the Right Invitation for your Rustic Wedding

Let’s face it. Rustic weddings are absolutely huge right now. They’re a glorious step away from the customary, classic and sometimes (humdrum) style of a traditional wedding. Where past weddings would aim to look traditional, classic and simple, rustic weddings have arisen from the likes of Pinterest and Tumblr and have stood up against the white on white, understated tradition! When thinking of a rustic wedding – our minds immediately wonder to earthy and neutral colours, an abundance of rough textures, delicate details and shabby chic designs. These sort of elements are thus, exactly what should be included on your wedding invitations!

Luckily – rustic weddings have become so popular, that there is an absolute abundance of décor, dresses and of course wedding invitations which cater to the gorgeous style. So take a look at our must have rustic wedding components and find some beautiful rustic designs on our website.

There can be no rustic wedding without just a little bit (or a lot) of twine. Whether your bouquet or cutlery is wrapped up in it, they’re featured in your little goodie bags or it’s somewhere else in your décor – it is an absolute must on a wedding invitation! The presence of twine will almost certainly give your guests an insight into your gorgeous rustic wedding.
Generally, the twine can be used to tie up your accompanying stationary cards or even just added on the front for decoration.

rustic invitation with twine Forest Wedding Invitation with twine

Lace detailing
Rustic weddings and country lace. The two go hand in hand really, and with today’s modern-day software – it’s only too easy to get this effect on your invitation design!

Your invitation can feature a touch of real lace or if you really want to make a statement, you can use the special process of laser cutting. The process which essentially involves using a non contact high level laser to create intricate and fine details can produce an exact replica of lace. Choose a design with a lace looking pocket or small band for a truly rustic touch.

Intricate lace laser cut detailing on rustic invitation
Lasercut wedding invitation with lace and gold foiling

Neutral Browns
Of course you shouldn’t shy away from using white in your rustic wedding invitation however the use of an organic and vintage brown will give more of an authentic feel. Go for a deep earthy brown backing paired with some thermographic font for a gorgeous classic feeling. A small detail of white such as in the pocket or frame – will also contrast beautifully against the dark neutral browns making for a shabby chic design.

A rustic wedding invitation with lace and ribbon
Earthy rustic wedding invitation with laser cut boarder

(And if you really want to wow) Gold Foiling
The magic of today’s modern technology means that your rustic wedding design can still have a touch of glamour in it without ruining its vintage feel! The process of gold foiling essentially means applying gold, silver or rose gold pigments (among others) via heat onto your invitation’s carding. Use it minimally in font or a small delicate pattern and it will contrast beautifully against the vintage feeling of your rustic invitation. Just because your wedding ceremony will be a country or woodland wonderland – that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still add a touch of the lavish and lux. Gold Foiling is also a super trendy touch in 2016. Featured even on decor like bowls and lamps – it was inevitable that the design would eventually trickle down to the invitation sector.

A forest inspired wedding invitation with golden flowers

So go on, get creative with your rustic invitations! The design options are absolutely endless and by pairing up one or all of these rustic components on your invitation, your guests will get a real taste of the country-chic celebrations that are to come at your ceremony!
To get your hands on the designs featured above – head to our rustic invitation design section and find something that will really wow your guests.

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